New Belfast Ruby Format

At our last meetup (Tuesday 6th May) we introduced a potential new format for some future Belfast Ruby meetings.

The new format is known as "Lean Coffee" and outlines a method for having structured but agenda-less meetings.

The Process

The general idea is that instead of talks, we'll spend the evening discussing various (dev-related) topics that interest us.

The process would involve these steps:

About this new format idea

We don't intend on scrapping our current format where we have a couple of more formal talks during a meetup. Instead we propose that we test out this format at our next meetup in June and if successful, we could use this format for every other meetup.

So, why are we proposing this new format idea?

The Trello Board

You can find the public Trello board right here.

As well as the 3 main columns for discussion topics, it also includes 2 other columns:

To Do Column

Since Trello only allows members of the organisation (in this case, Belfast Ruby) to create new cards and columns, we've added the "To Do" column. This contains two cards.

The first is being "Add Discussion Ideas." This will allow non-members to post their topic ideas as comments on this card, then members can add these topics as separate cards in the "To Discuss" column.

Note that you must be signed up to Trello to post comments to the cards.

However if you'd like to become an a member (everyone is welcome), please comment on the second card in the To Do column, "Add Members." Please leave your Trello username or email address.

Talks Column

We're hoping that by posting and discussing various topic ideas, you might be inspired to take an idea further and create a talk about it for a future meetup.

So if you're planning a talk, post it in this column.

Back to you

This format is entirely experimental at this stage. We'd like to explore this style of meetup and get everyone's feedback to discover if it was successful.

Give us your thoughts by tweeting @belfastruby or posting in our Google Group.

Oh, and get posting your topic ideas to Trello!

see the original on github